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28 responses to “Reviews”

  1. Jim says:

    I wanted to send a note and let you know that everything worked perfectly!! Best paint job I’ve ever had! You got all the items exactly, and the thorough paint shaking made it easy! Thank you sooo sooo much!!
    I’m sure I will be in touch soon with a new order 

  2. Jack Clapper says:

    What a great Team Effort !!!
    Merilou and I are back for our annual East Sooke summer. We decided we need an umbrella for lunching down at the picnic table near the water.
    We went to Capital Iron and were extremely well treated. The sales ladies could not have been more helpful. We thought that we’d need to pay to have the umbrella and base delivered, but they showed us how to take it with us in our SUV. We’ve enjoyed several shady lunches as a result.
    We also wanted to replace our 15 year old cappuccino maker. The sales woman was quite patient and helpful in making the decision on which of the many models best suited our needs. The one we chose was not in stock, so she repacked the one on the floor. It works well and we’ve used it several times already.
    Finally, the hot tub that I use began blinking a green light. Rob Martin’s guy who maintains the tub tried to fix it, to no avail. I called your service department and was given a date of August 28th as the first available due to recent repairmen quitting. The operator suggested that the one repair person still working give me a call. He did call that very day and we were able to figure out the problem over the phone and solve it.
    All in all, great service!!
    Jack Clapper

  3. Leila Johnston says:

    I came into your store a week or so ago. In all honesty I had already been to Robinson’s to check out the MSR elixir 3 and was doing a quick price comparison. I actually had no intention of getting anything that day.
    Enter Fredrick. He greeted me politely and asked if I needed help; I told him I was just browsing. After a few minutes of checking things out I had some questions about sleeping bags, all of which he answered. He helped me pick the right one and then I mentioned I had been looking for a new tent for hiking. He did a great job going over all the details. I then mentioned I was interested in a stove. Not only did Fredrick go over all the options with great patience and detail he even boiled his own ice water he had for his lunch to demonstrate the jet boil! All this while also helping other customers with their questions intermittently. I have worked on customer service and juggling a busy store is no easy feat. I’m not one for taking the time to do this sort of thing usually but I was seriously so very impressed with the service I got I wanted to express my gratitude. Finding employees that care, are knowledgeable is rare. I hope you realize what a great employee you have. I walked out of your store having spent almost $700.00 when my intentention was to spend nothing. It was because of the help I received from Fredrick. Please pass along my thanks. I can’t wait to get out this weekend and use all my new gear!
    Kind regards,
    Leila Johnston

    Thank you Frederick for sharing your knowledge and being such a great ambassador for Capital Iron.

  4. bruce oxley says:

    We just bought a Paramount outdoor firepit, and have to say it’s really amazing. The guys from Capital Iron set it up and even did a test run to make sure everything fired up. It was perfect – a high quality product and great delivery/setup service.

  5. Bruce Chambers says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. I bought some patio furniture last Wednesday, and you were able to deliver it Saturday morning. One of the chairs was damaged, and you replaced it with a new one by Saturday afternoon. Your service was prompt and attentive, and I’m impressed and grateful!
    Bruce Chambers

  6. Kenneth & Margaret Small says:

    My wife and I recently purchased at Capital Iron (Victoria) what we believed to be a natural gas powered BBQ and stand. When I asked for guidance on the assembling of the stand from Josh (Sidney) he very quickly assembled it for us. However, when we unloaded our BBQ purchase we found we had been sold a propane unit in error. Erika quickly contacted Victoria and arranged for them to send the correct unit which Josh delivered and set up today, removing the other one including the packaging.
    We must tell you that we have been most impressed with the service that we have received from both Erika and Josh. May we say that Josh in particular with his cheerful, hands-on approach was a pleasure to work with. Truly service with a smile!!
    Thank you.
    Kenneth and Margaret Small

  7. Garry K says:

    I recently purchased a sofa and chaise from Capitol iron. It seemed logical to me at the time that i would have the option of a sofa and ottoman or a sofa with chaise. Turns out that this is not the case and I was not informed of this by the sales person at the time. A cushion for the ottoman was not included. I am now told that i did not purchase the ottoman configuration option. To add to the frustration that sales person is not longer employed there and Capitol Iron no longer deals with the company that made the sofa. No solution has been offered by Capitol Iron. I am stuck with a production different from what I was under the impression I was being sold – and not cheap either!!!!

    • capiron says:


      Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns regarding the ottoman with your recent purchase. We apologize for your experience and will investigate the situation further. We will get back to you with a solution within 24 hours. Once again, thank you for contacting us with your concerns.

      Emily, Marketing, Capital Iron

  8. Very unhappy with our patio heater. 8-10 months of issues. Still not working and the barbeque department seems unable to solve the problem. HELP requested from store manager.

    • capiron says:

      “Thank you for contacting us William. I’m sorry that you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with your patio heater. We will investigate your situation, and contact you within 24 hours. Please email your contact info, so we can reach you, to Please indicate if you would prefer a phone call or email. -Emily, Marketing, Capital Iron”

  9. Lorraine Locherty says:

    Capital Iron is tops in customer service, reliability and quality. One of the best stores in town. They always go the extra mile and make me look good!
    Lorraine Locherty
    Head designer
    Urban Habitats Garden Services

    • capiron says:

      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review Lorraine. We’re proud of our staff, and proud to be part of the local community.

  10. Garret says:

    Capital iron is awesome. On our last visit my 4 yr old nephew spotted an employee with a drone. Bryce was nice enough to take us out to the parking lot and demoing it for us. Thanks!

    • capiron says:

      Thank you Garret, we’re glad you had a wonderful time trying them out! We’re excited they’ve finally arrived, and that you got to see them in action.

  11. Noreen harder says:

    We purchased a hot tub in May, 2014 and have had many issues with our hot tub costing us lots in chemicals, trying different things to stop the skin irritations. Water samples were regularly brought in where everything was balanced. We ended up taking samples in for testing through an independent company. Nobody seems to have an answer. Biofilm has shown up and been cleaned by what Dean recommended and then we also tried Ahhhhsome. After several tub cleans and going on a year, we just tried cleaning it again and on refilling, we see brown bubbles in the water again. We are disheartened, you spend money on a Fantasy Spa and end up afraid to use it due to skin irritations. We don’t know where to turn or what to do anymore! Very very fed up!

    Reply from Capital Iron:
    Noreen and Bruce,
    Thank you for your review regarding your recent hot tub experience. I understand it’s frustrating when the water in your hot tub is not performing as expected. The tub does not sound like the culprit, but the water care program needs a closer look. It is not providing the results you desire. We’re committed to finding a solution to your water care. I’m away right now but back Tuesday January 19. Please contact me directly at 250-940-0441 or at
    -Dean Christy, Hot Tub Dept. Manager, Capital Iron

    • Noreen harder says:

      Thank you for your response. I am again bringing another water sample in today. Hopefully we can figure something out!

      • Noreen Harder says:

        Just want to thank the staff and in particular the hot tub department (Dean) and his associate who did the testing and made recommendations that seem to be helping. Your quick response and attentiveness is greatly appreciated. We will continue to recommend Capital iron to our friends. Thank you again!

  12. D. says:

    Just wanted to pass along our compliments to you Dean and your staff.

    We have only had our tub since the summer, but the service and process all the way along has been tremendous.

    I especially appreciate the fact that you have been very patient and have carefully explained answers to my many questions.

    Service above and beyond-I will continue to recommend Capital Iron as the only place in Victoria to shop for a hot tub.

    Thanks again

  13. Catherine Hodgins says:

    We just purchased two suitcases/backpacks from the camping department. We dealt with Mary Ann. She was amazing. The type of bag we wanted wasn’t in stock and we had a timeline to get them before our trip. Mary Ann worked with the supplier and had the suitcases shipped in the next shipment. She contacted us as soon as they came in. She went the extra mile to ensure that we got what we wanted before our trip. Thank you to Mary Ann and Capital Iron – the best store in town.

  14. Dan Lau says:

    I purchased a BBQ from Steve in the BBQ department and he was a great help. The guys who delivered my BBQ were great as well, they brought it up to my condo and took away the old one!
    If your looking to purchase a BBQ, go see Steve. Capitol Iron goes above and beyond with their great service and I will definitely recommend them to all my friends!

  15. Mark says:

    You guys are great and have made owning a hot tub really enjoyable and stress free.

  16. Kevin Taylor says:

    Excellent service in backpack selection. I purchased a Granite Gear VC60 from you last year. I used it to hike the West Coast Trail last year. This year I used it to hike the entire Pacific Crest trail over 4.5 months. It worked great and is still in good condition.

  17. Bert + Jen says:

    We’ve just used your hot tub service. Dean came out and installed the new cover and lift. He was friendly, efficient and helpful. So far we are very pleased with this new service and look forward to some savings in the future.
    Best wishes,
    Bert + Jen

    North Saanich

  18. Jan H says:

    I was in Capital Iron several times on the weekend, gathering
    info on a couple of different products. I was all over the store,
    from the furniture dept to the bbq dept, and in every dept I had
    exceptional service. I can only remember the names of two staff members who helped us, Paul in the furniture dept and Rob in the bbq dept, but all of the staff was extremely helpful without putting any pressure on us to make a purchase. They seemed to know exactly when to step back and let us look at the various products.

    It was a successful outing, and this weekend we should have all sorts of new
    goodies for our patio.

    Jan H.

  19. I have shopped at Capital Iron for years because in my busy life 🙂 I need to know that I can stop at on e store and find what I am looking for. With Capital Iron I have had great success finding what I need for camping, fishing, hardware, hot tub supplies, gardening, all at great prices, and (love it!) all the nuts and bolts I might need! Last year we bought a hot tub and that also has been a great experience! And, especially, I like to support a local business rathe than the big box stores.

  20. Mike J says:

    Just bought a fondue set for New Years at your Sidney store, and your employee Bev was awesome! She helped us decide which model would best suit our needs and also gave us some ideas for recipes!

    Mike J

  21. David F. says:

    With MUCH gratitude for your efforts on behalf of the ‘OPEN GATE’ Anglican Network Church, and its August 14-18 Soccer Camp – a belated thank you for coming through with the key ingredient – the MITRE soccer balls.

  22. Marilyn W. says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your high quality of service to your customers. I have been shopping in your store for over 40 years now, and have always been satisfied. Your “magician” employees can always point me in the right direction! What a pleasure to shop at Capital Iron.

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